Ty Lawson was a no-show at the Denver Nuggets' Wednesday practice. Why? When asked about Lawson's absence, Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw said, "Travel issues or whatever, he's not here. ... So we had to go without him." But there may be more to that "travel issues" reason, according to CBS Denver's Mark Haas.

Well, Lawson probably wouldn't be the first person ever to have "travel issues" after getting caught up partying in Vegas the night before, right? Right? Regardless, it's not a good look for the Nuggets star point guard and coach Shaw has said that he may penalize him for simply missing practice by holding him out of the starting lineup in Friday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks

A short while ago, Lawson posted this on Instagram: 

Good gesture, but it may be a little too late, Ty. 

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[via @markhaastv]