At this point in his career, we feel like we know just about everything there is to know about Kobe Bryant. He's been playing in the NBA for almost 20 years now and has done countless interviews during that time, so we've seen and heard him discuss it all. And yet, it feels like every interview that he does now is an event packed with more information about him. He's clearly done a lot of self-reflection over the last few seasons and has plenty of stuff that he wants to share with the world.

Last night, NBA TV aired a recent sit-down interview that Kobe did with Ahmad Rashad called Kobe: The Interview. And it was one of the better Kobe interviews that we've seen lately. From his relationship with Michael Jordan to his time with Shaquille O'Neal to his retirement, the Lakers superstar addressed a range of different topics. Here are the 8 Things We Learned About Kobe Bryant From NBA TV's Kobe: The Interview.