NBA All-Star Weekend has returned to New York, a tiny little hamlet that hasn’t been the setting for the world’s greatest pickup game since 1998. It was an era when David Robinson and Michael Jordan still thrilled the league’s fans. Now, they’re gone, their playing days reduced to footage on highlight reels. With more than half their lives left to live, they’re forced to figure out what many of us had to figure out after high school: Find something to do instead of sports.

That is, we should say, most of them, because three of them are still active. (In fact, one is going to be on the floor Sunday night.) Some have disappeared (relatively), while many remain around the game. They’ve coached. They’ve announced. If ever there was a justification to check in on these stars of our youth, it’s now, when the All-Star Game is back in Zoom City.

Read ahead to checkup on what happened to the ’98 batch of ballers. This is what the stars of the ’98 NBA All-Star Game are up to now.