White supremacy doesn't have a place in any productive society, least of all at a high school basketball game. However, during a match-up between two Texas rivals last Friday—Plano East Senior High School and Flower Mound High School—students from Flower Mound were caught on-camera cheering on what can only be described as a terribly tasteless joke. Two men standing in the bleachers could be seen holding signs that collectively read, "White Power." 

Then, after Devin Gifford—a junior basketball player for East Plano—called out the Flower Mound students, the incident began to gain national attention.

Unfortunately, Devin, we're not quite there yet. 

Flower Mound's superintendent released a statement yesterday condemning the action:

As Interim Superintendent of a very diverse school district and community, I have been involved with our internal investigation regarding the unfortunate occurrence at Friday night's Flower Mound High School vs. Plano East varsity boys' basketball game. I want to be clear that this type of incident – however it has been perceived – has not and will not be tolerated in LISD. We have always had high expectations for our more than 53,000 students and hold them to those standards both in and outside of the classroom.

As we stated yesterday, the investigation of this occurrence is still underway, and we fully intend to act on our findings. We regret that this unfortunate event has been elevated to this level on so many social media circles.

I am disheartened that the perceived actions of a few may reflect poorly on two great schools – Flower Mound and Plano East High Schools – school districts and communities. Ultimately, please know we have the highest respect for the students, staff and community of Plano East High School.

While Flower Mound's coach Eric Littleton reached out on Saturday to apologize to Gifford and his teammates: 

Hopefully, the outrage will teach those offending students a lesson they won't soon forget. 

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