Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is the least popular man in Seattle today. Forget the fact that, for the most part, he called a pretty good game for the 'Hawks during Super Bowl XLIX last night. He was the one who pulled the trigger on a terrible passing play on the one-yard line that was intercepted at the end of the game, so he's getting slammed by all of the Seattle fans out there on every single form of social media that exists. And things have gotten so bad for him that he's seen a number of negative edits made to his Wikipedia page over the last 12 hours or so.

The first edit was made a short time after the Super Bowl ended. All of Bevell's usual information was listed in his Wikipedia bio, but someone also added a line about him being "clinically braindead" to illustrate just how unhappy they were with his final play call of the season:

And it got worse. A short time later, someone also added the date of Bevell's death to his Wikipedia page—yesterday's date—as well as a line about how Bevell will be "forever known for gift wrapping a Super Bowl trophy for the New England Patriots":

Ouch. That one play is clearly going to define Bevell's entire career. At least for the time being.

As of right now, order has been restored on Bevell's page and all of the negative remarks on it have been removed. And to his credit, Bevell has stepped up and taken full responsibility for the call he made last night.

"We were conscious of how much time was on the clock and we wanted to use it all," he said. "It didn't turn out the way I hoped it would."

But Wikipedia better lock Bevell's page for the next few days. Because Seahawks fans aren't going to get over their Super Bowl XLIX loss anytime soon, and if they're allowed to do it, they're probably going to continue to take their frustrations out on Bevell's Wikipedia entry.

[via New York Daily News]

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