As a general rule of thumb, picking somebody up and slamming them to the ground during a sporting event is never a good idea. At best, you'll piss them off and start a scrum. And at worst, well, things could end really badly, as we learned last week when a Florida man picked up a female teacher and body slammed her during a 2-on-2 basketball game.

Fortunately, nobody was injured that seriously during a soccer match between Worchester City FC and Stockport County over the weekend. But after Stockport County's Charlie Russell hit Worchester City's Shabir Khan was a hard tackle towards the end of the contest, Khan responded by picking Russell up and doing this:

If it were a WWE match, Khan would have received a huge reaction from the crowd for doing what he did. But because it wasn't, he was instead given a red card and escorted off the field.

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[via Worchester News]