Skip Bayless has said a lot of really dumb things during his time on ESPN First Take. Hell, just yesterday, he tried to criticize Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande!) for putting on an NBA All-Star halftime performance that was, in his opinion, "too much." But earlier today, he tried to make one of the dumbest arguments that he's ever made on the show during a discussion about Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant.

Peyton and Kobe are both at the ends of their respective careers, and they're both trying to add one more championship to their résumés before they hang it up for good. So Skip has a suggestion for them that he thinks will give them the best chance to go out on top: "Play for free."

That's right. Skip wants both athletes to say, "$20+ million next season? Meh, this one's on me," and give their teams a break. And while that would obviously help both of their teams add an extra one or two key players, it would also mean that they'd be putting in hours and hours and hours of practice and film study for…nothing. Absolutely nothing. So Skip's idea is just stupid.

Our favorite part of the clip above is Jay Bilas responding to Skip. He says it in a nice way, but his response to him is essentially "GTFOH!" As it should be.

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[via SportsGrid]