New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has kept it real hip-hop in the days following his team's Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks. 

First, he was seen boogying on stage as Rick Ross rapped "I'ma Boss," a song he most certainly has never heard before. Now he's been spotted kicking it with hip-hop royalty at Roc Nation's pre-Grammys brunch this morning. Kraft was photographed chopping it up (or having a jolly good chat, as Kraft might say) with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Nas and Steve Stoute, keeping it real business casual while still flexing with the wristwatch.

Everyone probably knows who Kraft is, thought Kanye might not be 100 percent sure. He didn't look like he was having a great time at the Super Bowl, and he looks like he's saying "Hey there, um, man, it's great to see you again!" in the photo above. 

Either way, winning the Super Bowl four times (and being stupid rich) has its perks. 

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[Via The Big Lead]