When you have erotic novels written about you—Kindle-only erotic novels, but erotic novels nonetheless!—it's probably safe to say that you don't have trouble getting dates. But apparently, Rob Gronkowski doesn't have one for Valentine's Day this year. So during an interview with Fort Myers Fox 4 TV reporter Tara Molina yesterday, Gronk tried to change that by asking her if she has any plans for Saturday.

In fairness to Gronk, Molina actually started their semi-awkward, flirtatious exchange by asking him what he was doing for Valentine's Day. And we should also point out that she sent this tweet out during the Super Bowl:

 But Gronk turned the tables on her. Quickly.

"What are you doing?" he replied.

Her response:

Feel free to interpret that look in whatever way you want.

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[via Busted Coverage]