The NFL used to have two teams in Los Angeles, but nobody within driving range noticed so they left. Now, two in-state teams appear interested in relocating to the area, and to do so the AFC West foes appear willing to share the same stadium.

Both the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers (who both have roots in the nation's second largest city) have decided to go forth with their plan(s) to construct a $1.7 billion dollar stadium in Carson, Calif, on an area that's part of an old landfill. At the same time, they'll continue the time honored (see: horseshit) pro sports tradition of seeking/extorting public funding to remain in their current cities. The prospective L.A. (area) stadium will be privately financed and could become a reality if neither team can come to an agreement with their present-day markets by the end of the 2015 season. The project will officially be announced tomorrow near the proposed building site.

Depending on where you live in California, keep your fingers crossed. Albeit, for different reasons.

[via the LA Times]

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