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Happy Valentine's Day! Er, NBA All-Star Weekend? Yes, as luck would have it in 2015, love's holiday coincides with an event that is less than conducive to quality time with bae: All-Star Weekend.

We understand your dilemma: You want to show your significant other that you love and appreciate them but, at the same time, the Slam Dunk Contest is about to start. Do you really want to miss it when Giannis Antetokounmpo takes off from the three-point line? Is it worth a weekend in the dog house? Decisions, decisions. 

Don't worry, though; we're here to help. And we've done it in a way that gives your Valentine the best of both worlds. Here are your 10 Valentine's Day cards to help you enjoy your All-Star Weekend guilt-free, featuring the faces of top NBA talents like Kevin DurantLeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony. Just call us Cupid.