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Zach LaVine put on a show at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday, floating through the air and thrilling the crowd at the Barclays Center to deliver one of the most memorable performances in the long-running All-Star Weekend staple in quite some time.

But the single best NBA Slam Dunk Contest performance of all-time? That still belongs to Vincent Lamar Carter, then of the Toronto Raptors, at the 2000 All-Star Game in Oakland.

15 years later, Carter’s five-dunk set remains the nastiest collection of slams anyone has put together to date. He went 50-49-50-50-48, losing one point on his second dunk when fellow North Carolina alum Kenny Smith gave him a nine and two on his final dunk when he only needed a 42 to win the competition.

“VC” got creative and brought the power, putting a charge into the crowd.

Saturday night, LaVine channeled Carter and brought the house down himself.

Check out their dunks below and tell us which one you think did it better.