Eagles safety Nate Allen is set to become an unrestricted free agent in the coming weeks. But as of right now, football is the absolute last thing on his mind after what happened to him on Monday night.

Allen was detained by police in Fort Myers, Fla. after a 16-year-old girl accused him of indecent exposure. According to Fort Myers police, the girl called the cops after she allegedly noticed Allen masturbating inside of his truck near a Red Lobster. They pulled his vehicle over a short time later and brought him in for questioning. However, they released him about four hours later without charging him with anything after the girl changed her story several times.

At the moment, an investigation into the alleged incident is still ongoing. But Allen spoke with CSN Philadelphia this morning and said that "someone definitely lied" to police. A source also told CSN Philadelphia that Allen is "shaken and embarrassed" by what happened and that the 27-year-old plans on fighting to clear his name.

Stay tuned for additional details about the investigation into what actually happened.

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[via CSN Philadelphia]