Are you a '90s kid yearning for a throwback to the glory days of your youth? No. Oh....well, shit.

Irrespective of your birth-year, Gatorade is bringing back their iconic 'Be Like Mike' ad from 1991 this All-Star Weekend, in honor of the "Thirst Quencher's" 50th birthday. The commercial (which was produced after the first-sixth of Jordan's career titles) will no doubt give today's workforce a nostalgic morale boost over how great it was to be a kid, as compared to a soulless worker ant in corporate America. Also, in a throwback to a simpler time, the ad premiered in an era where almost nobody used the internet, so "Be like Mike," meant "be a champion" as opposed to, say, "play dice to win the virginity of an MTV VJ."

Like we said, it was a simpler time. It also just so happened to have far catchier commercial jingles than we're stuck with today.

[via ESPN]

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