Chris Bosh didn't travel with the Heat to grab an automatic win against the Knicks tomorrow, and that's because of a procedure that sounds significantly more serious than your routine pro sports injury. After "feeling under the weather" at practice on Wednesday, Bosh was sent to a doctor by the team's trainers. That's rarely a good sign. Now, according to the Miami Herald, Bosh is currently in a local hospital where tests are being administered to examine the perennial All-Star's lungs. Greg Cote of the Herald stated on his Twitter account that Bosh could (emphasize that word) have a pulmonary embolism blocking the main artery of his lung:

Obviously, blood clots are some scary stuff that (if true) could end Bosh's season (as exemplified earlier this year by the Nets' Mirza Teletovic, and a few seasons ago by Anderson Varajeo). Now if you're a Heat fan this is some bad news, but playing the rest of the season is the type of thing that typically takes a back seat to staying alive.

Of course, as this is still speculation, it's possible that Bosh will be all right and able to return to the team soon.

We'll be sure to keep you updated.


The Miami Herald is now reporting that Bosh might be forced to miss the remainder of the 2014-15 NBA season with blood clots on his lungs. Initial tests on his lungs were inconclusive yesterday. But the fear is that Bosh may have pulmonary embolus, or multiple blood clots, on his lungs. And if he does, it would prevent him from playing for at least the rest of this season because he would need to be treated with blood thinners in order to eliminate the clots. The Heat are expected to make an announcement regarding Bosh's condition sometime later today.


Bosh's wife Adrienne just provided a quick update on his condition on Twitter:

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