Who's smarter: Girls or boys? It's a question that scientists, psychologists, and other really intelligent people have been trying to answer for years now. But judging by what we just found after doing five minutes of research on Google, there's no good answer! The closest anyone has come to answering the question is that "Girls Are More Intelligent Than Boys, But Men Are More Intelligent Than Women." But that doesn't really answer the question, now does it?

Fortunately, though, Metta World Peace exists. And he has knows the answer. He's currently serving as an assistant coach for a girls' high school basketball team in Los Angeles, and he just revealed which sex is actually smarter. Are you ready for it? Are you sure? Are you positive? Okay, guys…

"I like coaching [the girls]," he told TMZ earlier this week. "They're smart, smarter than the boys. The girls are smarter. The girls are a little bit smarter."

So there you have it! Mystery solved. Girls are, in fact, "a little bit" smarter than boys. Why didn't you say something sooner, MWP?!

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[via Jezebel]