Manny Pacquiao Records Entrance Song for Floyd Mayweather Fight and It's Lit

Here's the song Manny Pacquiao is going to use for his fight with Floyd Mayweather.


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Manny Pacquiao can't wait for his May 2 fight against Floyd Mayweather. He's so excited about it that he just revealed that he's going to be coming to the U.S. one week earlier than planned to start training. And when he does, we imagine he's going to be listening to a song that he just recorded a lot.

The song might not sound like the most inspiring track in the world. And we're willing to bet that you'll like whatever song Floyd Mayweather uses to make his entrance to the ring much better. But Pacquiao actually record his song, "Lalaban Ako Para sa Pilipino," himself. The title of the song means "I Am Going to Fight for Filipinos" and, well, yeah. If that title doesn't explain just how important this fight is to Pacquiao, nothing does.

You can listen to it in the video above. Expect the Philippines to go crazy for this one.

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[via The Guardian]

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