LeBron James' record as an actor/singer/entertainer is a mixed bag, at best. He donned cheetah print pants and a high top fade while performing a terrifyingly off-key rendition of "My Prerogative" at the 2007 ESPY's. His five line cameo on "Entourage" was as dry as a liquor store on Sunday. And he rocked a gold leotard when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 2007, an image that put many witnesses into therapy.

LeBron's got a chance to redeem himself, though. His upcoming appearance in the Judd Apatow vehicle "Trainwreck" appears promising from the initial trailers, and, if his latest comments are any indication, he'll get another shot at hosting that live comedy show from 30 Rock. 

While spending an off day in New York City ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers matinee matchup against the Knicks tomorrow, James told ESPN he would jump at the chance to host his second SNL.

"Hopefully someday maybe I can do it again, James said. "It's a long week, man. People don't understand how long that week is. They go through the whole process and things and it's very serious, too. Obviously it's funny, but it's serious when you go through the skits every day, you're working every day. I had an unbelievable time.”

We're all for LeBron hosting another episode of SNL, just as long as he's involved in a skit where he impersonates Dion Waiters

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[Via ESPN]