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LeBron James still has a ways to go before he's considered a better player than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. But tonight, he proved that he's better than both of them when it comes to scoring points in NBA All-Star Games.

Coming into the 2015 All-Star Game, LeBron was fourth all-time in All-Star Game points with 248 total. KarEem Abdul-Jabbar was in third place with 251, MJ was in second with 262, and Kobe was atop the list with 280. But LeBron moved past all three tonight to claim the top spot. He passed Abdul-Jabbar and Jordan in the first half of the game before scoring his 33rd point in the fourth quarter to pass Kobe.

Congrats to the new king of the All-Star Game. LeBron might not hold the record for very long—Kevin Durant has 153 points as of right now and still has a ton of time left in his career to catch LeBron—but it's all his for the moment.

We really thought you were gonna do it tonight, LeBron! You couldn't have hit one more three pointer?! Maybe, er, hopefully next year.