A lot has changed since LeBron James made his NBA All-Star Game debut in 2005. Back then, he was less king and more kid. There had yet to be a “Decision,” and “The Return” was still to come, but there were glimpses of what the future held—hints at James’ transcendence, as in, his ability to reach beyond the sport and form a movement. We saw it then, mostly in flashes, but it was enough.

Now, in preparation for his 13th All-Star Game appearance, things are different. His game has evolved; it’s no longer rooted in explosiveness, though that’s still a part of it. There’s now the perfect reading of the defense, the passes that sneak through impossible openings, and the lockdown D. He’s a man now. He’s still doing amazing things—we’ve just come to expect it. As witnesses, we watch on. So as LBJ ascends on Zoom City, here are LeBron James’ Most Jaw-Dropping NBA All-Star Game Plays.