Earlier this NBA season, Bucks center Larry Sanders decided that he didn't want to play basketball anymore. So less than two years after Milwaukee signed him to a four-year, $44 million contract extension, the team reached a buyout agreement with him last week, and Sanders walked away from the game for good. But why did he do it?

There were a lot of rumors pertaining to the end of Sanders' career. But recently, he agreed to sit down with The Players' Tribune to explain himself. In the video above, Sanders admits that he's dealt with anxiety and depression in recent years and that he's been receiving treatment for both mental illnesses over the last month or two. He also talks about why his heart isn't in basketball anymore and reveals what he plans on doing with his life now that he's finished with the NBA.

Check out the clip to hear Sanders explain his reasoning behind leaving the league. It'll likely give you a much different perspective on him as both a player and a person. And while you might still struggle to understand why he doesn't want to play ball anymore, he looks like a guy who is happy with the decision that he's made.

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[via The Players' Tribune]