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God gifted Nick Young the name Swaggy P, so it makes sense that He'd protect him in near-death experiences against killer dolphins. It also makes sense He'd protect him in the near future even if the said near-death experience is (allegedly) a lie. 

ESPN's Baxter Holmes previously wrote about when Young told him the story: Young tried to ride a dolphin, but the sea creature decided to drag him into the ocean in an attempt to drown him. But he survived, and Kevin Hart's Nostradamus-like prediction turned into a minor scare.

Huh? Well, Hart recounted something very similar in a joke in 2009's I'm a Grown Little Man comedy special.

But Hart isn't a soothsayer. He's diminutive comedian. And Young maybe stole that story. Hart calls him out on it in hysteric, Kevin Hart-y fashion in a talk with Cari Champion. The random kid who won't get out of the shot is obviously heartbroken.

Stealing somebody's joke is a cardinal sin in the comedy world. But Young isn't a comedian. He's a basketball player (and Swaggy P!). He might have something to say about this, but he'll be good. Hart will be good, too; he's Kevin Hart.

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