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Last season, there were a lot of reporters out there who helped Kevin Durant win his first-ever MVP award. So you would think that he would be all for the current voting system when it comes to year-end awards. But during NBA All-Star media day on Friday, KD revealed that he thinks that players, not members of the media, should be the ones who vote for awards like MVP and Rookie of the Year. The way he sees it, they know the game better than anyone else and should have the final say on who wins what, not reporters.

"They have too much power," he said. "The players know each other inside and out. The media isn't in the film room and goes for sexy names."

"Sexy names" like…Kevin Durant?

We definitely get what KD is saying here. The players would probably do a fine job voting for awards. But the voting system for NBA awards isn't really broken right now and seems to function just fine to us. So why mess with a good thing?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]