It's the title of a post that the website Busted Coverage put up last night. And apparently, it's a title that didn't sit real well with Manziel's sister Meri Manziel. BC is obviously not the first website to write about Manziel's rehab stint—and, unfortunately for Meri, it won't be the last, either. But she took it upon herself to call them out specifically for an article that they put up questioning Manziel's relationship with girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

BC's article pointed out that Crowley has uploaded quite a few videos that feature her drinking on Instagram lately. So they feel as though she could be a bad influence on Manziel when he leaves rehab. His sister's response?

Busted Coverage responded to her with a tweet of their own:

And they also put together an entire post about her tweet here.

We don't blame Meri for doing what she did. She's well within her rights to criticize BC, just like they're well within their rights to write an article about Manziel. But by responding to them, she just gave the original article more attention and inspired BC to do another post about her and Manziel. So mission not accomplished.

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[via Busted Coverage]