This past Friday was a big day for Jason Richardson. That's because, for the first time since Jan. 18, 2013, Richardson played in an NBA game. After a little more than two years battling knee problems, the 34-year-old has managed to compete in back-to-back games for a total of 42 minutes. 

Following Friday's game, J-Rich decided to share his excitement over this accomplishment and thank all of the fans for their support through the years on Twitter

But, like clockwork, someone had to be that guy, replying to @jrich23 by saying "@jrich23 you did shit moron, you’re worthless." Now, if you're wondering why we're just quoting what this troll had to say, it's because this moron decided to protect his tweets after Richardson put him in his place. 

For someone who has dealt with nagging knee problems for the last two years, we should be celebrating the fact that he was able to get back onto the court, not try and tear him down. And look, if you're going to come at someone, especially if they are famous, the least you could do is keep your account public. You're doing it all wrong, fam! 

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[via Black Sports Online]