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There are no guarantees in the NFL Draft but, as of now, it appears highly likely that Jameis Winston will be going to the Tampa Bay Bucs with the first overall pick. If you're a Bucs fan (which you're not), let us know how you feel about that because that dude above looks more ready to guide an intramural team than he does an NFL offense that finished 30th in the league last year in total yards. And lest you be a conspiracy minded reader who points to the shadow as evidence of a Photoshop job, know that Winston's private QB coach confirmed the authenticity of the seemingly three-month pregnant Heisman winner, saying:

“The photo of Jameis was taken in early-mid January. If people are saying he looks out of shape...well, did they notice he had the leash tight around his waist? That may have had something to do with it. Jameis is in shape and doing great. Anyone saying he’s out of shape, they can check him out at the Combine this week.”

We guess that's your sole excuse to tune into NFL Network this week, because there's really no other reason to tune into the Combine (unless you're like a scout, or something). Anyway, it shouldn't totally eviscerate any hope Tampa Bay fans may have (not that we believe there are any Tampa Bay fans out there with any hope after that four-month long shit show they called a season last year). But, hypothetically speaking, you shouldn't jump off a cliff over one pic because the man who just won his fourth career Super Bowl two weeks ago previously showed that you don't exactly have to look like Jay Cutler (as in this Jay Cutler) to be a Hall of Famer in the NFL.

[via The Big Lead]

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