It's taken former Florida State quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston all of one day at the NFL Combine to take an eraser to the doubts NFL teams were having about him.

Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman has been talking to executives after Winston both threw and went through interviews today in Indianapolis, and the responses he's gotten have been glowing. Here's one quote from an anonymous personnel member Freeman spoke to:

"I think he's probably the smartest player I've ever interviewed," he told me.


"Ever," he responded. "Football IQ as good as I've ever seen."

Like, ever ever? For real? That's about the highest praise a QB can receive. But wait. That's not even as good as it gets. NFL execs have been so impressed by Winston's grasp of X's and O's that multiple people have compared his intellect to that of...wait for it...Peyton Manning.

Now, the NFL Combine is a breeding ground for hype and hyperbole, but Winston's apparent iron grip of how to run a pro offense has knocked everyone in Indy off their feet. Questions about Winston's off the field issues will remain, especially after witnessing what happened to Johnny Manziel last season, but for now, Winston's mind has pushed those doubts aside. 

Guess that photo of Winston looking like he just ingested a dozen cheeseburgers has been put to bed.

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[Via Bleacher Report]