Fresh off of his second consecutive NBA All-Star Game, Wizards guard John Wall is leading the league in assists and has his team positioned for a Top 5 seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Yet, the criticism of Wallparticularly out of Bristolhasn't changed much since Colin Cowherd labeled him "not a bright guy" for doing "The Dougie" before his home debut in 2010. At this point in his career, Wall is a bona fide superstar and the Wizards franchise is as formidable as its been since Wes Unseld was playing center. Wall would be justified in smearing his detractors' faces in the mud, but he's comfortable shouldering the burden.

"The only way you get known in this league is [by] winning," he tells Complex News during NBA All-Star Weekend, "... As long as my team is playing well and we're winning games, I don't really mind what people say about me."

During our conversation with Wall, we touch on his signature line with adidas, getting into the club while wearing sneakers, and his plan for beating Steph Curry in H-O-R-S-E. Check out the video above.