Last month, Lions wide receiver Golden Tate wanted to let everyone know that he did not have an affair with Russell Wilson's ex-wife. So he wrote a piece for The Cauldron about the rumor that started back when Tate was a member of the Seahawks in order to try and dispel it. However, he's still getting asked about it, and he believes that it's because Wilson hasn't come out and shot it down yet.

TMZ Sports caught up with Tate last night and asked him about the rumor. He responded by making this face:

And then, he called it "a bunch of bullshit" before revealing that he wants Wilson to help him prove that it's not true.

"It's sad that he's letting this go on," he says in the video above.

In fairness to Wilson, we're not sure how he'd actually go about addressing the rumor. If you haven't noticed, he steers clear of discussing anything that's even remotely controversial. But at this point, it's probably time for all of us to just move on from this.

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[via TMZ Sports]