Take a look at Funkmaster Flex's Instagram and Twitter accounts right now and you will see that he is going in on his love for NASCAR. And when we say "love," we mean looooovvvee. As a pretty huge car collector, Flex knows plenty about the sport and in a 10-minute rant, he dropped *Flex bomb* some interesting *Flex bomb* gems *Flex bomb*. “I don’t like Toyota in the sport. It doesn’t appeal to me," he said. "It’s not exciting. If you wanted to go racing in the early days, you found an old Ford, an old Chevy, an old Chrysler, an old Pontiac, an old Dodge. No one was building a Toyota to run a Toyota.” 

How about his feelings towards Jeff Gordon“I’ve never been a Jeff Gordon fan. I think he’s boring,” Flex confessed. What about Danica Patrick?

“I think Danica (Patrick) is very pretty. This is going to sound weird, but I have a foot fetish and she has very pretty feet. I think she’s amazing for the sport because in 2015, a driver that can bring more fans to the game and inspire more women to be drivers is great. There’s some people who frown on it, but she runs well. Is she going to run well the whole race? Probably not.”

Wait, wait. Let's hit reverse. See what we did there? While the entire statement is a pretty nice discussion about Danica, that whole "I have a foot fetish and she has very pretty feet" bit just seemed a tad bit out of place, no? Maybe keeping that little piece of information to yourself would've been just fine, Flex. And yes, we'll just take your word for it. 

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[via For The Win]