The 2014-15 NFL season literally just ended. And yet, the NFL has already seen three players get arrested for allegedly committing pretty serious crimes this week.

Yesterday, we told you about how Joseph Randle was arrested on a drug charge early Wednesday morning. We also told you about how Packers defensive tackle Letroy Guion was arrested in Florida on Tuesday night after police seized 357 grams of marijuana, a handgun, and $190,000 cash from a truck that he was driving. And now, a report out of Washington, D.C. is indicating that Colts linebacker D'Qwell Jackson—who played a key role in the #DeflateGate scandal a couple weeks ago—was also arrested on Tuesday night after he allegedly assaulted a pizza delivery man and threatened the guy's life.

According to a police report, Jackson allegedly punched the pizza delivery man, identified as Jose Bonilla-Fuentes, after the two man got into an argument over a parking spot. Bonilla-Fuentes reportedly parked in Jackson's assigned spot outside of his Washington, D.C. home while delivering pizza, and Jackson didn't like it. So Jackson allegedly got out of his car, started arguing with Bonilla-Fuentes, and then attacked him.

"What happened is that a crazy guy tried to choke me," Bonilla-Fuentes said on The Kent Sterling Show yesterday, a radio program that airs on CBS Sports radio in Indianapolis.

Bonilla-Fuentes also added that Jackson said that he was "going to kill me" and claimed that Jackson tried to apologize to him—and possibly bribe him—once police arrived on the scene and started to investigate what happened.

"He come to me and say, 'Please, please, I'll give you whatever money you need, but don't do nothing, don't let the police take me,'" Bonilla-Fuentes said.

Jackson was arrested for what he allegedly did and charged with simple assault. The Colts released a statement late Wednesday acknowledging the arrest and promising to release a lengthier statement once more facts about the alleged incident are available.

If all of this turns out to be true, what was Jackson thinking? All of this…over a parking spot? Seems very senseless. Stay tuned for further details.

[via Eye on Football]

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