Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi is the reigning WNBA Finals MVP. So you wouldn't think that there would be anything that could keep her away from the basketball court when the 2015 WNBA season starts later this year. But earlier today, Taurasi revealed that she won't step out onto the court for the Mercury during the upcoming season—and it has absolutely nothing to do with an injury or anything like that.

Rather, Taurasi wrote an open letter to Mercury fans revealing that she's sitting out of the WNBA season because her Russian league team UMMC Ekaterinburg has agreed to pay her to rest. It doesn't sound like it was an easy decision for the 32-year-old to make. But she's trying to avoid getting burned out from playing basketball year-round.

"The year-round nature of women's basketball takes its toll and the financial opportunity with my team in Russia would have been irresponsible to turn down," she wrote. "They offered to pay me to rest and I've decided to take them up on it. I want to be able to take care of myself and my family when I am done playing."

We imagine Taurasi struggled with the idea of not playing in the WNBA this season, because it kind of makes it seem like she's playing for money as opposed to her love for the game. But can you really blame her for agreeing to get some much-needed rest in exchange for what amounts to paid time off? Plus, Taurasi has already come out and said that she will be back for the Mercury next season.

"See you in 2016," she wrote.

[via Sports Illustrated]

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