Last night, the sports world received the news that no one wanted to hear again: former NBA MVP Derrick Rose will be out for an indefinite period of time due to a meniscus tear in his right knee. 

The sad story is all too familiar with Rose, whose career has taken a turn for the worse after being sidelined by multiple knee injuries over the past few seasons. The youngest-ever player to win the Association's Most Valuable Player award, Rose hasn't played a full season and postseason since that fateful year. 

At this point, the future is still in doubt for Rose. We don't know when he'll be back on the floor, or whether he'll be able to return for the playoffs. However, what appears certain is that the tenacity, fearlessness, and unmatched athleticism that defined his award-winning campaign during the 2010-11 season is now diminished. We know that the player he'll be in the future will be far different from the one he was in the past.

This isn't to say that Rose's career is over. Far be it for us to shovel dirt on the man's playing days. However, as we look at these 10 unforgettable highlights from Rose's MVP season, we hang our heads at the fact that this version of Rose appears to be gone. And, in times like these, we need a soundtrack for our woes. For all the Bulls fans out there, here are 10 Songs to Remember Derrick Rose's 2010-11 MVP Season while you sit in a dimly-lit room, crying your eyes out about what could've been.