That faint sound you hear in the distance? That's Chicago Bulls fans weeping. Derrick Rose, the face of the Chicago Bulls franchise, is injured...again. Announced this Tuesday, D. Rose will be undergoing surgery for the third time in three seasons, this time to repair a medial meniscus tear in his right knee.

While friends and fellow players are sending out their support to Rose and the Bulls, fans have been a little less encouraging. Heading to Twitter to voice their concerns (and churn out the slander), people are falling into two camps: those who want D. Rose to get better soon—and those who want him to hang up his jersey altogether. With such potential squandered for yet another season, it's no surprise that the Internet went wild over Derrick Rose's latest injury. Let's compare NBA stars and online trolls as we check out how Derrick Rose's Injury on Twitter: Players Versus Fans.