NBA All-Star Games have gotten pretty old for Tim Duncan. The Spurs forward has played in 15 of them now. So in the hours leading up to last night's All-Star Game, he decided to spice things up by making a friendly wager with his Western Conference teammate DeMarcus Cousins. The bet: Whoever grabbed the most rebounds during the game would win.

It apparently kept TD interested in the game, too. He out-rebounded Cousins 9-7 during it. And for his efforts, he'll walk away with the $50,000 bonus that he'll receive for being a part of the winning All-Star team, plus $1.50 from Cousins. Yes, that's right. The two All-Stars—who will make about $25 million combined this season—settled on a bet worth one dollar and 50 cents.

"Coach Kerr took me out at the end and helped Timmy out," Cousins said after the contest, "but it's all good. I owe him $1.50 in all quarters."

"All quarters," Duncan emphasized to Cousins before leaving the Western Conference locker room last night. "All quarters."

All quarters? Is it laundry day for Duncan or something? Geez. Even his bets are boring.

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[via Sacramento Bee]