Hey, former NBA players, here's a tip: If you're going to play for a Philippine Basketball Association team anytime soon, do not (!) insult Manny Pacquiao. Or else…

Daniel Orton—who was drafted by the Magic in 2010 and spent time with the Thunder and the 76ers before heading overseas—was just kicked off the Purefoods Star Hotshots team because he took a shot at Pacquiao's basketball skills recently. Orton only played in three games for Purefoods. But he got himself into trouble when he was critical of Pacquiao, who has spent some time playing for the PBA's Kia Carnival team this season.

"Professional boxer, yeah, okay," Orton said after squaring off against Pacquiao's squad last week. "Professional basketball player, no. It's a joke."

The joke ended up being on Orton, though. He reportedly got thrown off Purefoods and was fined more than $5,000 by the PBA for his "insulting behavior." He sent out this tweet early yesterday:

A Purefoods executive also made this insane statement about what Orton did:

"Everyone is angry at him…it is like he went to the United States and insulted the name of Martin Luther King."

So…yeah. Watch what you say when you're over in the Philippines, former NBA players! Unless, of course, you want to head back to the U.S. immediately.

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[via The Courier-Journal]