Dez Bryant's name has been all over the Internet this week because of reports about a "Ray Rice-like" video featuring the Cowboys wide receiver that may or may not exist. And while it's still unclear whether or not that tape is ever going to come out, NFL Media is now reporting that an "unknown disturbance" involving Bryant did take place back in 2011.

Bryant wasn't arrested during the disturbance, which took place in a Walmart parking lot in Lancaster, Texas. But according to a police report that was obtained by NFL Media, he was questioned by police at the scene. The report says that an unknown person called police in July 2011 and told them that they had observed a black female "being dragged from one vehicle to another vehicle" by a black male. The vehicle, a Mercedes, was registered to Bryant. No one was present when police showed up to investigate. But a short time later, two men identified as Carl King and Christopher Mitchell, pulled up in a Cadillac Escalade owned by Bryant. Then, Bryant pulled up a few minutes later in a Bentley with the alleged female victim. But she told police that no assault had taken place and that she had simply gotten into "an argument" with a man named Alex Penson. She also said that she had called Bryant to pick her up, which was why she was with him.

After speaking with all of the involved parties, police determined that no crime had been committed and let everyone leave. You can read the full police report here. As of now, it doesn't seem as though Bryant did anything wrong. Stay tuned for new developments.