One of the Chelsea fans who was captured on film preventing a black man from entering a train in Paris this week is a "vocal" supporter of UKIP and even posed in a picture with Nigel Farage.

Chelsea season ticket holder Josh Parsons was identified as one of the fans on board the Paris Métro when the race incident occurred and a photo that was posted on his Instagram account last year shows him sharing a drink with the controversial UKIP leader.

Parsons has since removed his Instagram account after he was identified as one of the Chelsea supporters in amongst a group who were filmed chanting "we're racist, we're racist and that's the way we like it".

The Instagram upload was captioned with "UKIP BOYS! What a geezer".

One of Parsons classmates told The Guardian how he and his brother had ties to UKIP:

"I was never really friends with them. The interesting thing was they were very strong Ukip supporters. They were only about four or five people but they made themselves heard. They were never aggressive, they were never forcing it down your throat ... but you were left with no illusions looking at their social media that they were: a) Chelsea fans and b) Ukip supporters.”

UKIP have denied that Josh Parsons is a member of the party.

[via The Guardian]