I wanted to write a nicer headline than that. I really did. After all, we hear at Complex could care less if you're fat or not. Do you. But, if anything, it's really more of just a statement of fact. Look at that picture above and tell us the first thought that pops into your mind is professional athlete.

We're not sure how Boston feels about Pablo Sandoval's trademark look (honestly, this isn't a new thing). But they did pony up $95 million to get him to switch coasts this offseason, locking him up for five years in the process. The real test for Boston's patience will come during the season, if Sandoval doesn't get off to a decent start, and then we're sure they'll be quick to pile-on his slow-pitch softball physique.

Still, perhaps Beantown understands, because if there's any market that can stomach a heavyset ballplayer, it's the town where Mo Vaughn won his MVP.

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