Years active: 1996-2010
Teams played for: 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, Bengals
Best chance: Playing in Super Bowl XXXIX with the Eagles

Second in career receiving yards. Third in all-time receiving touchdowns. No rings.

If Donovan McNabb keeps his shit together and avoids throwing three picks against the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX, Terrell Owens is off this list. Giving Tom Brady three turnovers is an automatic recipe for a loss, but because of Owens' heroics, the Eagles hung around. He wasn't even supposed to play that Sunday. Just seven weeks prior, Owens broke his leg and tore an ankle ligament. Two weeks before the big game, he hadn't done any running outside of a pool. His surgeon refused to clear him for the Super Bowl.

Owens didn't want to hear it though. He took a pain-killing injection before the coin toss and went out to play 62 of the Eagles' 72 offensive snaps. He caught 9 passes for 122 yards, and even broke a 30-yard catch and run in the first half. On one leg, Owens was the best player at Super Bowl XXXIX, and deserved more out of the game. Despite playing on a great set of teams—the 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys were all top NFC teams during his stays—his one-legged performance remains his only Super Bowl moment.