With Dwyane Wade hamstrung by hamstring issues, the Atlanta Hawks will send a fourth player to NYC this weekend, Kyle Korver, which you obviously know because it's in the fucking headline (that's my bad for not building any suspense).

While Wade said he could've possibly muscled through the injury, he also added that it would be unfair to Heat fans to return for an All-Star Game before returning to help Miami secure the chance to be swept in the first-round of the playoffs. By this time tomorrow he will have missed his seventh consecutive game, though he has been practicing and will travel to Cleveland with the team. So far this season, Wade was averaging 21.4 points per night on top of 5.4 assists. Furthermore, Wade stated that he would've liked for the Bucks' Brandon Knight to take his spot on the bench for Sunday night's contest.

Instead it will be Korver, who was widely considered to have been snubbed. The 12-year veteran will join teammates Al Horford, Jeff Teague and Paul Millsap from the Eastern Conference's current one-seed. Korver will be making the 1st All-Star appearance of his career on the back of a ridiculous .528 shooting percentage from downtown.

[via NBA PR]

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