On this week's "Ask Complex," the topic is a no-brainer. Today, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will go head-to-head to decide the NFL's champion. After a year that was tainted by scandals involving domestic abuse, child abuse, and general incompetence from the commissioner and his cronies, the fans are at least given the consolation prize of what figures to be a supremely enjoyable Super Bowl XLIX.

The game has more storylines than the Patriots had deflated balls: Seattle's chance to win back-to-back championships, Marshawn Lynch's on-going feud with the media, the lingering shadow of Ballghazi, and Tom Brady's opportunity to become one of the winningest Super Bowl quarterbacks ever, to name a few.

We can't be certain about who will win, but we've decided to at least take a stab at it. Today, every writer on our team gives you their pick for the winner of the NFL's grand finale. Scroll through, read their arguments, and then share your personal pick with us in the comments section.  

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