Will Adrian Peterson be back with the Vikings next season? That question seems to have a lot of different answers right now.

Last week, Minnesota general manager Rick Spielman said that AP "will be back" with the team later this year. But over the weekend, a report emerged about how Peterson wants to play for the Cowboys. And now, another report out of Indianapolis indicates that AP's Vikings' career may be over because of an incident that took place between his agent Ben Dogra and a member of the Vikings' front office at the NFL Combine.

According to the CBS Sports report, Dogra got into a "heated verbal exchange" with Vikings vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski late last week while the two were discussing Peterson's future with the team. A source told CBS Sports that the two men had to be physically separated by Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik. And in light of what happened, another source said that Peterson is finished with the Vikings.

"He will never play another game for the Vikings," the source said. "It's over."

Over? Not so fast. Peterson's dad has already come out and denied that he wants to leave the Vikings. Plus, Peterson is still technically suspended from the NFL and won't be able to be reinstated until at least April 15. So it'll be awhile before we know anything definite about where he'll actually play next season.

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