Why was Aaron Hernandez taking his cell phone apart in the video above? That's the question that both the prosecution and the defense are trying to answer right now during Hernandez's murder trial.

The video was taken by a police detective named Michael Elliott back on June 18, 2013—one day after the death of Hernandez's friend Odin Lloyd—outside of a police station in North Attleboro, Mass. It shows Hernandez dismantling his phone on his lap while seated inside of a car and talking on another phone. And the prosecution in the case is going to argue that Hernandez was talking to one of his co-defendants Ernest Wallace on the phone, which was allegedly provided to him by his attorney.

If that is, in fact, what Hernandez was doing, this video could prove to be a bombshell in the case and could end up sinking him. But as of right now, the jury in the case hasn't been told who the prosecution thinks he was talking to. There's also no video evidence of Hernandez destroying his phone here. He's only seen tinkering with it. So it'll be interesting to see what role, if any, the video plays in the outcome of the case.

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[via Boston Herald]