Yesterday, infamous Yankee and all-world weirdo Alex Rodriguez released an apology letter to fans of the Bronx Bombers. In the handwritten note, A-Rod very briefly takes "full responsibility" for his suspension due to PED's last season and says "I'm sorry" to Major League Baseball, his team, the owner, and the Player's Association as well. For such a short letter, there was a lot to apologize for.

While we enjoyed reading his letter, making fun of it, and breaking it down with a professional handwriting expert, we were still left feeling empty. Why is it only Alex Rodriguez penning apology letters? Aren't there countless other sports personalities who have things to be sorry for?


From Pete Carroll finally owning up to his Super Bowl XLIX play calling to Roger Goodell speaking directly to the fans, these are 5 Sports Apology Letters We Would've Preferred To See Over A-Rod's.