just released a list of prop bets for Super Bowl XLIX. And as usual, the prop bets are pretty ridiculous. You can place a wager on what Katy Perry is going to wear during her halftime show:

On what kind of hoodie Bill Belichick is going to rock on the sidelines:

And on how long Idina Menzel is going to take to sing the National Anthem:

But our favorite Super Bowl prop bet this year—by far—is one that deals with Marshawn Lynch's behavior at Super Bowl Media Day. Last year, Beast Mode made headlines on Media Day for only speaking with reporters for about seven minutes before leaving his designated post and refusing to answer any other questions. So this year, you can bet on whether or not he's going to get fined as a result of something that he does at Super Bowl Media Day:

Odds are, he's not going to get fined. Unless he doesn't show up at all or rips into Roger Goodell while speaking with reporters, the NFL probably isn't going to punish him. But if you put down $20 on "Yes" (shouldn't make it "Yeah" in honor of Lynch?!), you could walk away with $160 in profit if he does get fined. So it might be worth making a wager.

You 'bout that action, boss?

[via SportsGrid]

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