When it comes to professional boxing, Muhammad Ali—who turns 73 on Saturday—was, is, and probably always will be "The Greatest." Throughout his career, he told us just how great he was—he once remarked, "My only fault is that I don't realize how great I really am"—and then he climbed between the ropes and proved it. Over and over and over again. That constant reinforcement is why so many people still consider him the "G.O.A.T." today, even though he hasn't boxed in decades.

But which athletes could be considered "The Greatest" in all of the other sports out there? We're not talking about basketball, baseball, soccer, or football, either. We're talking about sports like haggis hurling (huh?), Tug-O-War (what?), and the always-exciting kite flying (!). It may seem silly, but the way we see it, if there's a "G.O.A.T." in boxing, then there must be one in all of those sports, too, right? Right. So join us as we try to answer the question, Who Is "The Greatest" in (Almost) Every Sport?

Greatness comes in many different forms.

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