Whoever runs social media for the Dallas Cowboys needs to get their head checked. Why? Because in 2015, anyone in charge of a professional sports team's Twitter profile should know that #Ask campaigns are unequivocal failures every single time. Rememeber #AskJameis? How about #AskJeter? Honestly, what else needs to happen for a social media coordinator to realize that these DIY AMAs inevitably become small-scale disaster zones? 

Anyway, like an ax poised above the pig ready for slaughter, Twitter came down fiercely upon the head of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick during the team's #AskOrlando session today. Because using a player who's best known for dating and taking ecstasy with a star of The Basketball Wives is always a good idea. What could go wrong? 

Oh, that's right: everything. 

Of course, the session wasn't a complete failure; there were a few fans who were interested in actually getting some inside information from the Dallas star. 

But Scandrick's "proudest on the field accomplishment" isn't what's making headlines here. Let's cut to the chase: Twitter absolutely went off about Scandrick's celebutante honey, Draya Michele, cracking jokes about "body counts," Draya's son, and, of course, "Spray Tan". Scroll through to see the best of people being the absolute worst.

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