On Wednesday, Seahawks safety Earl Thomas revealed that his injured shoulder, which he separated in Seattle's NFC Championship Game against the Packers, is fully healed. And the NFL responded to his comments by congratulating him giving him a random (er, "random"?) HGH test:

Thomas obviously was't happy with the timing of the test, and neither was one of his teammates. That teammate, who refused to reveal his identity, spoke with ESPN yesterday and said that many NFL players feel as though they're "treated like criminals" because of the way that the NFL randomly tests them for HGH use.

"We are being treated like criminals," the player said, "tested like people on parole."

Thomas refused to speak at length about his tweet yesterday and didn't reveal his thoughts on the NFL's HGH testing policy. He was actually very standoffish with the media on Thursday:

But it is kind of crazy that the NFL chose yesterday of all days to test him, no? Whatever the case, we're guessing the Seahawks will just use this as extra motivation during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday.

[via ESPN]

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