Marshawn Lynch has officially started a trend amongst athletes.

Back in November, the Seahawks running back conducted an entire interview with reporters using little more than the word "Yeah." He repeated it over and over and over again during the interview, regardless of the question. Then, he followed that performance up by doing the same exact thing one month later. But instead of saying, "Yeah," he used some variation of the phrase, "Thanks for asking." It's a practice that Broncos running back C.J. Anderson then put to use late last month after a game when he relied on the phrase, "We played terrible," to get him through a media session. And last night, Russell Westbrook became the latest athlete to give the tactic a try.

Westbrook got ejected from the Suns/Thunder game on Wednesday for getting into it with Suns center Alex Len and then taunting the Suns a short time later. So after the game, he was in no mood to talk. And rather than answer reporters' questions truthfully, he used the phrase, "Big win for us," or some variation of it, when speaking with the press. Here's a transcript of his interview, courtesy of NewsOK:

At this point, we think it's probably safe to say that this is going to become something that a lot of athletes do when they don't really want to speak with reporters. So who's going to be the next athlete to try it?


[via NewsOK]

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